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Maifan Stone Medical Stone Ceramic Ball

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Physical Properties:
Specific GravityVolume WeightPorosityBreakageWear RateFilter SpeedHydrochloric Acid DissolubilityMud Content


Chemical Properties:

SiO2Al2O3Fe2O3K2ONa2OCaOMgOWater Adsorption

Size: 0.1-0.5cm, 0.5-1cm, 1-2cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm, 5-8cm, 8-10cm, 10-15cm.



1. Health care. water purification, absorb heavy metal ions in water, soil and feed media.
2, Agricultural fertilizer. Soil amelioration, animal feeds adding,
3. Widely used in drinks, artificial mineral water, nutritional additives, such as brewing, pharmacon, and making deodorant food preservation, beauty parlors, agriculture industry, and many other fields.

Packaging: 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag.
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Maifan Stone Medical Stone Ceramic Ball